About me

Hello! My name is Ian Shannon-Garvey! I am a 27 year old Graphic designer and developer. I love all things technology and design. In Seattle we are not only known for our amazing tech industry but also our renowned artistic communities and assets. I grew up with both of these influences as part of my everyday life but even more important I evolved with both technology and design first hand while actively seeking out related communities at a young age.

When I am not focusing on design and development I enjoy playing with my corgi "Jack!", singing/practicing classical music, working on my boat and playing video games. I currently am working as a front end developer and graphic designer in the vape industry. Most of the projects featured here are up to 2 years old.

Why should you hire me?

There are many design and development companies online. The problem with these companies is that many outsource their projects to freelance designers and developers much like myself in order to reach their desired profit margins. Their top priorities and efforts aren’t put into understanding your brand or message while leaving you with “laughable” support after you cut them their check and the project is “finished”.

Working more intimately one on one with your designer/developer (Me!) will give you the opportunity to be TRULY involved in the dynamic and creative process of your project. You will have full control as we work together in building something truly customized to your business/brand/message. Being there for you, even after the project’s completion. Ensuring that your project/business/brand seamlessly evolves with current trends and technological advancements. You can rest easy knowing that I got your back!

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